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Craft creates the body of the novel; art gives it breath. –Me

This morning I completed the “building block” outline of The Foreigner, and for the first time in writing this novel, I feel like I know the way through the forest. The building block outline is my three acts with all the turning points, from hook to resolution. It feels nice not to have blank spaces.

Before I continue on, let me point to flightofthereddragonfly for an absorbing read on the anxieties that come when you’ve finished a novel. I’ve had these same worries and I have not even finished a book to my satisfaction yet. Those last four words are significant. A book that isn’t finished to my satisfaction isn’t finished. Congratulations, Becky, for completing your novel!

Now then, I did some deep thinking this morning. I wanted that secure feeling of knowing the direction of the story, of knowing what it’s really about. I wanted to be able to contemplate yet to be written scenes without that feeling of franxiety–frantic anxiety; it leaves me breathless, and really, I like breathing so…deep thinking, lots of deep thinking yielded me building blocks instead of writer’s block.

I also reversed an earlier decision regarding point of view. I’d decided to write the whole story from Marius Saul’s point of view, but once I worked out my building blocks, I saw clearly that a single point of view did not allow for the fullness the story needs. So I’ve decided on close third person for Marius Saul, Fanh-Daole, and Wenye-Lanh. These three characters carry the plot, and I have freedom to breathe.

Happy writing!


4 thoughts on “breakthrough

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. It’s an honor.

    It’s good that your franxiety (nice word by the way) was able to cool and yield positive results. Nothing like the power of reflection. Hope to see you one day finished and satisfied with your book.

  2. Building blocks rather than a writing block–I like that. It’s lovely when you can see land on the horizon. Fair winds with the Foreigner!

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