brass rubbing


A brass rubbing is a sheet of paper laid over a brass engraving, like a commemorative plaque, for example, and rubbed with graphite, or wax, or chalk to capture the brass form, transferring it to the paper, making an artistic piece. Brass rubbing is a good metaphor for writing The Foreigner. Each time I lay fingers to the keyboard, I hope to raise on the page a precise rubbing of what I’m imagining.

MAN OF STEEL_Saw Man of Steel, as a long-time Superman fan, I loved it. Thought it a fantastic reboot of Superman and it was great to see the Krypton backstory.

Movies coming that I’m dancing in my seat to see–The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Legolas is back!); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; 300: Rise of an Empire–I didn’t care much for 300 but I liked the look of this one. And I may give RIPD a look-see.


So it’s Sunday afternoon, and I spent the morning in Metropolis; monkey mind is swinging from the brain stem so I might as well settle down with a good book. Happy reading!

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