Plague victims discovered in London and The Black Death

A fascinating read.

Stephen Liddell

In recent days it has become clear that whilst building London’s new cross-rail project, archaeologists have found a mass underground burial.  It is suspected that the remains of these people are the unfortunate victims of The Plague or Black Death as it is often known as.

Despite the rather stupid questioning from TV news presenters, it is obvious to anyone who knows history that this burial site is the resting place of some of the first plague victims in London.  We can tell this by the orderly way the people have been buried.  As the sheer scale of the plague overtook the land, later on plague victims would just be dumped in a large pit.  There wasn’t enough time or manpower to do things properly.

The plague originated in Asia and came westwards towards Europe some say with the aid of The Mongols who are known to have used plague…

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