where i live


While cleaning the kitchen, the thought crossed my mind: in my home, where do I live? What spaces do I actually inhabit in the complete sense of the word? Turns out it’s the living room and my writing office.

I’m either on the couch writing, reading, or watching cable or a movie dvd or I’m at my writing desk. These two places are where I spend most of my daily hours. We all have our favorite spaces and probably don’t realize or think about the amount of time we spend in them. Some people can always be found cruising through the hours in their living room, or bedroom, kitchen, game room, or home office. And what do you do in these favorite spaces? Your favorite activities, of course. Mine are writing, reading, or watching.

Yesterday had a good meeting with my writing buddy, a productive day. And this morning I spent time creating a cover for my sword and sorcery tale which I plan to publish as a Kindle Single. I’ve got one more of those to do for another short story. Today is all writing desk time.

And, after a long time thinking about it, I’ve published a print edition of Grave Shadows, with a new cover and available at Amazon (Reviews are welcome!)  and at my CreateSpace page.

Happy writing, d:)!

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  1. It’s one of those thoughts that seem to have mire to them than the obvious. D:)

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