at a loss


I don’t know what to do today. I should write a page of The Foreigner, but my mind is word-empty–although I’ve got a vague sense of a scene bit: Marius encounters Fanh-Daole at the village market. I wrote 869 words of this scene yesterday, but didn’t get to the actual encounter. Balking at fences again.

It’s bright and sunny outside, but don’t know if I’ll go out today. There’s some reading I need to do, and I’ve got other story ideas passing through my thoughts like floaters passing through my vision. Very distracting.

Last week I watched my latest vampire movie discoveries, The Hamiltons and its sequel The Thompsons. Both were well done films with serious themes of the meaning of family and family loyalty. The Thompsons, formerly the Hamiltons, were born vampires, not made, and are not the undead and, having lost their parents, must survive in the contemporary world. Although the movies are described as “Twilight meets Tarantino” that’s just a clever marketing gimmick.  I wonder if there’ll be a third movie. I’d certainly buy it.

One vampire film series I’ve never been able to get into is the Underworld series. Seems like it would be right up my alley, but no. I think part of the reason, and yes this is weird, is the films are shot so darkly–all that deep blue-black–that I can’t focus on what’s really going on ’cause I can’t see it! And, I dunno, I don’t really connect with Selene.

Enough with holding off the blank page. The Foreigner demands some attention.




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