…just write what comes next


Had a lovely weekend. Saturday, a visit to Huntington Library before going to my writers group meeting. At Huntington, spent some time in the “When They Were Wild: Recapturing California’s Wildflower Heritage”, a beautiful exhibit of botanical drawings from the late 19th and early 20th century of California’s flora. And Sunday, brunch with friends whom I had not seen in a long time. Some days are certainly more joyful than others.

Brilliantly sunny and hot today, but I had work to do, so despite the allure of a golden day I stayed inside with The Foreigner, ‘though at lunch time I ran out to the liquor store across the street for a coke. 9,533 words so far for the rewrite.

Took a break and checked out sanyikas. Made me laugh.

Started a new scene for a character whom I’ve got notes on, but have not written about except for one old scene that I’m not sure I’ll keep and the character in that old scene was as flat as the floor. Can’t have that. So I started fresh with that character today. I’m hoping he shapes up. Oh–who is that character? The antagonist. Yeah that guy.

Putting down those first words about him was shaky, and I know the going will be slow, like getting to know a newly-met relative whom you don’t trust or who doesn’t trust you. Still I’m pleased with today’s writing.

Thinking of the whole book makes it hard to breathe, so I’m taking to heart a piece of advice from a wise writing friend: You don’t have to write the whole book; just write what comes next.



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  1. Such lovely flowers. I’m actually going to visit Huntington Library tomorrow, so I’ll have to check out the exhibit. Good luck with the writing!

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