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Hopeful, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

This morning, soft, cool, and gray–a change from the recent hot, gold and blue days, but summer’s coming and I don’t mind the heat. Working on The Foreigner, a fantasy novel that I’m rewriting from the 2010 draft. I’m feeling like a caterpillar inching up a blade of grass, reaching the tip, and flailing helplessly in the air for the next blade of grass. There’s a scene I’d like to write. I’ve got an idea about it; I sort of know the point, but apparently not well enough ’cause the words won’t come and the brain is dry. Yet the scene beckons.

I’m thinking I’ll write it today, or at least get it started. For every scene there’s so much to consider–point of view, setting, character, tone, how it starts, where it’s going, how it ends, why it’s needed. The purpose of this particular scene is to make a certain connection between two characters whose relationship is important to the plot. The scene is a family gathering to celebrate the birth of a child, background setting for the start of a forbidden relationship which will not be like the typical romantic relationship.

And the end of the scene? I’ve no idea.



One thought on “spinning the thread

  1. Today the waiter at my sushi place said he loved waking up to a gray morning–reminded him of his college days in Santa Cruz.

    I was just whining about the elementary school teacher’s voice that still echoes in my head: “There are no wrong answers.” Horrifying when I’m deciding the breadth, direction and point of a scene.

    Hope your writing went well.

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