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I enjoy watching the court shows; they’re addicting. I’m fascinated by the many ways in which people get themselves in trouble with one another (not to mention the cases are fat with ideas and characters). One thing I’ve learned from watching these shows: people display an appalling lack of integrity in their dealings with one another. It makes me sad, makes me shake my head and wonder about the future of humanity.

I was raised with certain values, one being to treat others with consideration and fairness, and to be honest in my dealings  (as brought deeply home by The Chicken Incident.)

I’m bamboozled, flummoxed, and mentally discombobulated by the lack of integrity and the sheer thoughtlessness and the dearth of consideration that is shown in these court cases by the individuals involved, sometimes it’s the plaintiff, sometimes it’s the defendant. Who are these people? What planet do they come from? The enemy is most definitely us.

After much distress over Shadow Walk, I’ve decided to shelve the book. It’s not a good book, despite all the work and effort I’ve put into it, it remains so deeply flawed I can’t see my way clear with it, even with the help of Devon Ellington’s Layered Edit. Time, long past time actually, to let it go.

This week I’ve been taken over by The Foreigner.


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