full of beans, full of zany charm


I’m particularly fond of coffee and coffee houses. I’m always on the look out for coffee houses, especially the ones privately owned ’cause I like the stamp of personality they have, the quirkiness, the fun decorative creativity. Several weeks ago my writing  buddy Michelle and I took ourselves off to Ojai for a writing retreat. Nestled amid the oak-laden foothills of the Santa Inez Mountains, Ojai has a rustic, small town ambience, and you forget you’re in Southern California. Driving about, we discovered Full of Beans Coffee House, and its “Here we are!” coffee cup out front. On our final morning in Ojai, we spent time in the Full of Beans garden patio.IMG_0991Tucked at the rear of the coffee house is a delightful patio. Potted geraniums and cacti, shaded by large, old trees, and furnished with an eclectic, inviting selection of benches, chairs, and tables that were just fun, adding a creative liveliness to the place where you can sit comfortably with your coffee and/or pastry and read the paper, read a book, chat, or write in comfort.

If I lived in Ojai, this is where you’d find me on summer afternoons!