in the rowboat, in the sea


Arabian Nights, Maxwell Parrish

Heavy rainstorm last night. Lying cosy in bed listening to the rain was such a comfort. There is something about rain in the night that is magical. The sound of it, tap-tap tapping on metal, cement, the leaves of the trees, the whispering hiss as it flls in great sheets of heavy drops and the wind skirling through it, playfully, angrily. Rainfall is one of my favorite sounds.

This morning is brilliantly sunny, rain-washed. The large tree in the neighbor’s yard is a vision in sun-touched green, bright as a candle. If it remains beautiful outside, I may take a walk.

Yesterday I wrote 1,006 words on Shadow Walk, on the new version of Act 3. Today I’m hoping for another thousand. This is the last third of the novel; the end is near.

Have so much work lined up for myself:

  • Must finish the restructure of Shadow Walk and the new Act 3.
  • Start research on article, “Variations on the Vampire”.
  • Continue writing new short story, “Dust”; currently at 1,896 words. (Note; need new title.)
  • Other work in progress:  The Obelisk short story; Cloak of Shar novella.


  • Dead, Baby to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
  • Lost and Found to Kaleidotrope
  • The Ghost Jewel to a new fantasy magazine