i’ve grown fond of certain annoyances

Decisive Pink.Kandinsky

I hate commercials, have always found them annoying, but lately, I’ve noticed that there are commercials I like–they amuse me.  Used to be a commercial’s purpose was to strictly advertise a product, and that’s still true, but it seems to me not so much anymore. I’ve seen commercials that are so full of story, I’ve no idea what the product is, but I like the commercial.

Here are my favorites…

The zombie getting a ticket from the policeman. This one always made me laugh; have no idea what the ad is really about.

The California dairy one with the cow that lives with a family; I love that cow. She’s a hoot. My favorite spot is when she’s in the shower rapping, much to the family’s annoyance.

The Cheerios Bandit ad.  That little boy is adorably nonchalant about his Cheerios thieving older brother.

There was a car commercial featuring a vampire party going on in the woods until their buddy arrives and the fiercely bright lights on the car vaporizes them all. Never failed to make me grin (and I like vampires!)

And there’s the car commercial ad that shows during Being Human–vampire buddies and their werewolf friend to whom they won’t lend money. What makes this one especially amusing is as they drive down the street, they’re invisible to the elderly couple who see a car that appears to be driving itself.

What can I say, I’m easily amused and I need to get out more.