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Gone, But Not Forgotten, John William Waterhouse

This morning’s sky, soft, cloud-quilted gray, presaged rain, which came somewhere between 8 and 9. Submitted Lost and Found yesterday to a new market and plan to submit Crossing San Antonio today if I can find a suitable place. So far I have 3 stories out–that’s 3 times as many as usual. They’re doing me no good gathering dust in the files, and they’re good stories so I decided to get them out of the shadows. Nothing ever sold in a desk drawer, y’know. And when you’ve finished a story and know that it’s well written and is a good story, you should have confidence in what you’ve done and let it go.

Was thinking about my novels, how I write them and the kinds of books I like to write–which are much the kinds of books I like to read. Plot is a major roadblock for me. I always have trouble plotting because I don’t think about plot; I think about characters, about who they are before I think about what they’re doing and who they know. The interactions between characters are where I like to find plot, well, where I hope to find plot, or at least an idea for one.

Any plot I come up with has to grow out of the characters, their behavior, their interactions with each other. I like plot-based novels too, but my favorite novels have character-based plots.

So, that’s the way I should go.