some myths should burn in hell

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I too disagree with the idea that if you write to gain wealth (only one of the many reasons a writer writes), you’re not a real writer.

As always, John Scalzi sparks the brain…
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2 thoughts on “some myths should burn in hell

  1. Hmmm… I haven’t exactly heard of this one. Is it the myth saying that a writer should be altruistic and forget about money? I’d be thrilled if / when my memoir sells to make some money so I can focus on more writing!

    • Hi lennonsundance. Yes that’s certainly a part of it; the other part is the “artiste” bs. I write because (1) I love it; (2) I can’t do anything else that I enjoy more; and (3) hell yes I want to make money at it! Lots of money. My health insurance cost is killing me. Thanks for your comment.

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