aubrey_beardsley dancer


Dancer, Aubrey Beardsley

It’s been skin-shrinking cold here the past two weeks, but the weather fairies are promising temps in the 70s for the rest of this week. Good enough for me. Beginning to feel discombobulated about my writing projects. That means I need to pick one and focus on it until I’ve completely completed it. Yes. Completely completed.

Shadow Walk is at Draft #2, major editing going on. I’m striving to make the April 30 deadline to have it ready to go.

Chained is in Planning & Development with the Structure Safari Workshop at MargieLawson.com. Have a rough first draft, and I’m using the month-long Workshop to get going on the second draft.

Grave Shadows. I’m doing a print edition, i.e., print on demand through Amazon’s CreateSpace. So that’s in process. Need to format the book.

One book in the left hand, one book in the right hand, and one on top of my head.

From Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary, Siena, Saturday, May 13, 1933:

“It is all very well, saying one will write notes, but writing is a very difficult art. That is one has always to select: and I am too sleepy and hence merely run sand through my fingers. Writing is not in the least an easy art. Thinking what to write seems easy; but the thought evaporates, runs hither and thither.”

Ah yes. Sand through my fingers.