2013 Goals, Dreams & Resolutions



Destiny, John William Waterhouse

Goals, Dreams & Resolutions 2013



  • Finish writing Shadow Walk in the first 4 months of 2013. Deadline: April 30.
  • Beat sheet Chained and outline the book.
  • Plan the heist plot novella and do beat sheet.
  • Continue working on A Lamentation of Swans.
  • Print edition of Grave Shadows using Amazon’s CreateSpace
  • Work on Deal/Torrance novella.
  • Read Georgette Heyer’s Cousin Kate and also The Unknown Ajax in preparation for planning and writing Regency novel, The Serene Widow.
  • Write Shadow Walk as a screenplay.
  • Complete the Gotham Writers’ Workshop Non-Fiction Writing Course. Start date: Tuesday, February 5. End Date: March 19. (Registered 12/29/2012.)


  • Make a living as a professional writer
  • Establish Pendrifter Publishing
  • Rhine River Cruise 2014. Maybe France?
  • Travel to Venice, Italy
  • Establish a non-profit foundation for writers, giving grants and scholarships


  • I resolve to make weekly writing goals, and do at least one thing each week toward those goals.
  • I resolve to write 1000 new words a week, and shall write at least one page toward this goal every day.
  • I resolve to not be stopped by the perfection monkey and his rocks: frustration and distraction.
  • I resolve to design a writing schedule and stick to it.

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