perfection monkey

This morning’s sky had that “going to rain any minute” look, but the afternoon turned sunny, but not warm I discovered when I poked my head briefly out the door. Gray days are coming.

All through 2012, I struggled to learn how to push through writing problems, the technical difficulties of plot, of overall narrative structure, and simply writing well. First drafts don’t have to be perfect, but I’ve not quite shaken the perfection monkey off my back, and maybe I never will, especially since the beastie holds a rock in each paw: ¬†frustration and distraction. But the lesson I learned this year was to ignore its weight and duck when one of those rocks or both come my way. From looking over my assessment of 2012, don’t think I ducked fast enough.

I want to finish Shadow Walk in the first four months of 2013 so there’s my first goal of the new year. I’ve got a new fantasy novella lurking in the mental swamp, right below A Lamentation of Swans and Chained, and the Deal/Torrance story.

I’m excited about 2013–always love the start of a new year; it has so much potential!


3 thoughts on “perfection monkey

  1. I am always amazed at how you can work on so many things at once. I gave that up some time ago when I realized I’d never properly finish Shadow if I didn’t put the other stuff on the shelf (other than my bread-and-butter writing, travel journalism).

  2. Honestly, Ruth, as hard as I try, I always have to have another project going, but there comes a point when every other story must wait until I finish the current one. d:)

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