clouds, rain, progress


North Wind, Kay Nielsen

Wet day in Southern California. The rain has come and gone, but it’ll be back. A rain-dampened wind is flipping through the trees and the sky is full of white clouds. I was tempted to run an errand, but decided to stick to the work I’m doing on Shadow Walk, self-generated interruptions have a way of blasting the afternoon’s work time into smithereens.

I’m doing preliminary work on Shadow Walk–no writing–restructuring  the novel instead, before I have to face it again next year. I’ll be ready to rewrite come February probably.

A Lamentation of Swans is at rest for now.

I’ve paused for lunch, and after, back to work on Shadow Walk. I’d like to be through the restructure by December 31 so I can start the rewrite in January instead of February. I want to have a publish-ready manuscript by March 31, 2013.