no hand feeding


Torino printaniere, Giorgio de Chirico

Cool morning, the sky a cavernous matting of cloud from last night’s rain. Thinking about Shadow Walk, today’s writing. Worried it’ll fall to pieces and I’ll have nothing, but must remember the November novel is just to get a useful draft; it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Trail of Shadows has me in a tizzy too. Thought of additional characters, but the story, what there is of it, is changing shape, not quite coming together. Don’t know what to do with it. Don’t know how to attack the problem I’m having. Not sure what it is, but I guess it comes down to plotting what happens. Ought to relax, just follow along. See what the characters do without imposing anything, without trying to hand feed the narrative.


2 thoughts on “no hand feeding

  1. I guess this is the problem of these a novel in a month contests. I can’t see how it’s possible to do anything but a rought outline of a novel in a month. And probabily it’s easier if it’s character driven so you only have to focus on the person without too much extra background stuff. Good luck with it. I admire you people who take on this challenge. I’m going through much the same right now while I work on my old novel “Dragons in the Sky” but I don’t have a deadline so I can let it kind of seep in and play with things til the Muse strikes.

  2. Yes that’s about right, Ruth, and focusing on character helps move it along. It’s definitely best not to try for perfection; the point isn’t to get it all right, but to get it down. Even so, it’s still a struggle, d:)

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