a dear friend gone

My dear friend, who wrote under the name Janet Quinn died recently, suddenly in late October. I still can’t believe she’s gone. We met once a month for years, and then, after my illness, we switched to once every other month, at the El Torito in her town for our writer’s meeting. We’d have lunch and review our writing progress, talk about the industry, discuss new writing. She was sweet, good-humored, and a prolific writer. Her latest book in progress was a parallel universe story. She thought of it years ago, and we talked about it. This year she started writing it. Our September meeting was the last time I saw her, and we were scheduled to meet again this month. I wish I’d had one more chance to see her. I’m going to miss her.

2 thoughts on “a dear friend gone

  1. One of my dear writer friends died unexpectedly in the summer of 2011 and I still miss her so much. Dora was a member of our weekly writer’s Scribblers group and all of us talk about her each week when we meet as if she’s really with us. It’s so sad to lose a dear friend so I know how you are feeling. Hugs, Ruth

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