much to do about everything

Decisive Pink, Wassily Kandinsky

The weekend was glorious weather-wise; Sunday was all sparkling blue sea and floods of golden sunshine, a midsummer day in November!–yeah some cliches are hard to get away from, and on a day like yesterday, no need to reinvent the wheel; the whole weekend was golden. I was busy, busy, but made myself take the time to just STOP, and spend some time in the sunshine.

I took a fantabulous photo (with my iPhone) of a sun-washed Bird of Paradise (did it close-up so it’s nearly an abstract), but can’t get it to post here! Darn it! So we’ve got Kandinsky, a favorite.

Saturday was Writing Saturday with my best friend–we meet on the first Saturday of each month, have lunch, and spend the afternoon writing. Sunday morning I ran around crazily, getting stuff done. By noon, I had stuff done with other stuff lined up–my tedious commute keeps me from doing anything during the week, but it was too beautiful a day to spend it all inside or running around like a headless chicken too caught up in the mundanities to see the beauty of the day. Off  to the bluff I went, sat in the sunshine and stared at the sea for while, trying not to think about anything. Took my journal, did some scribbling.

And when I was home again–I painted another wall. I’ve been redoing my place, painting, redecorating, taking my time about it, but I’m nearing the end–well, hope to have everything I want done finished by March 2013. I’ve been working on the place since I got back from Europe. Think I started in July, after my birthday. I’ve painted, bought new bedroom furniture, put up a new bookshelf–once you start redecorating, the whole plan grows!

Shadow Walk is at 5,972 words, and I’m also reviewing and making edit notes for a contemporary sweet romance I started some years ago, nearly finished it, but didn’t, got all tangled up in trying to write it perfectly –that never goes well and I fell right off Perfection Mountain.  The story is good, the writing isn’t shabby, but it needs lots of work.