vanishing pens

Sere and Yellow, John Atkinson Grimshaw

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a fascinating post up about the reasons why writers vanish from the profession. Good reading… Why Writers Disappear

She plans to post Part 2 of Why Writers Disappear next Thursday.

Happy writing, d:)

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  1. hi. I’m not a native english speaker, so I don’t know the meaning of some words. can you explain the meaning of “pendrifter” to me. I would be thankful because I really want to know it.

    • Hello, Mandi! Thank you for visiting. “Pendrifter” is simply the descriptive name of my writing blog. “Pen” because I’m a writer and the pen is the writer’s traditional tool (although I write more on the computer) and “drifter” means someone or something that moves from place to place. In my case, I write in more than one genre; my pen moves from one genre to another. Hope this helps you understand my blog’s name. d:)

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