omg it’s october!

Trick or Treat, Tim Burton

October 1st! Summer’s long fingers grip the season still–not that I’m complaining; I like hot weather. But I know many people are longing for Fall’s cooler weather.

The cosmic clock has ticked-tocked its way to NANO prep time. I wasn’t sure I’d do NANO this year, felt like I needed a break from the annual pressure of November, but an idea jumped up and waved at me and now I’ve decided I will write another 50,000-word draft in one of my favorite subgenres: Sword & Sorcery. Not much of it around anymore, but I’ve always loved sword & sorcery, so yeah y’know I’ll be writing one for the love of it!

I’ll have to carve out some time this month to prep for NANO and continue making progress with Shadow Walk. My worry was taking two months away from SW, especially since I want to finish it by December 31st, but I think I can do it, despite my long commute and full-time job.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to write in November. I’m kicking over a couple of ideas–a sword and sorcery anthology? a sword and sorcery novel? a sword and sorcery novella or two plus short stories? Tonight, to kick off the start of prep, I’m going to take an hour and brainstorm.

Saturday I attended an excellent seminar on ebook publishing given by James Scott Bell at The Writer’s Store in Burbank. First time visiting the place–small town feel, tucked against foliage-covered foothills, hot as the Mojave that day. It was a long drive for me, but well worth it. Looks like he’s giving it again at Writer’s Digest Conference, West in Hollywood in October. If you’re interested in Creating A Career Out of Ebooks and you plan to attend the conference, his ebook seminar is a go-to in my opinion.

Sunday was devoted to Shadow Walk, in the trenches working out Act 3 and the Five Point Finale. Got 6 new scenes to write, mostly in Act 2. I’m kind of afraid about the Act 3 scenes. All I want to do is finish, let it set still for a couple weeks, and then dance it around somemore.

Happy writing, d:)