promises, promises

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Ferris Wheel
Trying to fit so much into my daily schedule, things are falling off the edges. I’ve got photos to post, stuff to write, things to do, things that must be done! Yesterday was great. The boss being Jewish, and yesterday being Yom Kippur, the office was closed and spent a whole, gloriously sunny day inside working on Shadow Walk, exactly what I wanted to do with the mid-week break. I ran out once for groceries and to Best Buy to pick up Marvel’s The Avengers–that really is the best superhero movie of the decade! Also got the 7th season of Supernatural. Love the boys!

Yesterday was very productive–worked diligently on the Shadow Walk beat sheet and I’ve got 5 new scenes to write, having trouble with Act 3 though. Don’t like any of my ideas for it, or I should say, my ideas for it are not panning out well. Where’s the gold? Time to look back at what I have in Acts 1 and 2 and see if I can fix Act 3.

The weekend is close! One more day! Saturday I’m attending a seminar on e-book publishing led by James Scott Bell at The Writer’s Store in Burbank. The 405 closes at the 10 this weekend for construction so I’ll have to find my way from Long Beach to Burbank by a different route–no worries.

No worries–hmm, keep saying that, keeps the doubt demons from taking over Shadow Walk. d:)

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