fun in the sun

A rare thing happened to me this weekend–I had a fabulous weekend! This is not to say I have lousy weekends; I’m always glad when the weekend comes, but this weekend, I felt like I was on vacation. I did nothing required; nothing dutiful; nothing responsible. I didn’t even pay any bills! I just had a good time for two days in a row! I did write, early morning Saturday, about 5 pages.

Then hied off to La Jolla with friends. It was my first look at the seaside city–palms, white buildings, large homes, glittering sunshine. Then over to Point Loma and the old lighthouse. I’ve got pictures of San Diego panoramas and will post probably tomorrow ’cause I have not downloaded them from my camera yet. On our way home we stopped for dinner at Lomeli’s in Brea–spinach-stuffed ravioli topped with mushroom sauce and a glass of a particularly smooth Italian red wine, delicious! There was talk, laughter, and the company of friends. A wonderful way to wind-up a day of mellow pleasures.

Sunday, wide open sky, sun-white, beaming down the heat. My cousin and I went to the Long Beach Lobster Festival. The lobsters were large, the dinner was good, but the festival overall was a disappointment. Steamed lobster was all the lobster offered; I’d expected all kinds of lobster tastings, but that’s not how it was. There were food vendors selling other eats and artisans selling their crafted wares, and music from a country rock band, but I wanted more lobster! Anyway, my cousin and I finished up there and went off to the Yard House to cool our overheated selves with tall amaretto sours. More lively conversation and laughter! 

Got home to find a message from my neighbor inviting me to join her for dinner at the newest restaurant in Belmont Shore–Nick’s. So I went. Had the best, tenderest braised short ribs served on a bed of creamy potatoes with green beans and carrots, and a frou-frou of crispy thin onion rings on top. Two nice melt-in-your mouth shortribs! I’m usually not able to eat a large plate of food but oh my goodness! I actually made myself stop eating (and I was stuffed anyway) so I could take a portion home for lunch at work on Monday.

Food, fun, life and laughter. That’s how a weekend should be!