basking in the september sun

Friday! Yay! Nothing like a sunny Friday in September. Love a summery September, makes up for gloomy June. Going with friends here on Saturday, plus a side trip to  La Jolla (“La Jolla” photo by bettyw) .

Work progress on the Shadow Walk rewrite/restructure, over 10,000 words out of a total of 55,000 or so. Expanded the “Migraine Visitation” scene to 2,160 words.

Have this mystery short story set in a steampunkish American West I so want to work on, but have not found the time lately. Shadow Walk is keeping me busy.

Sunday, me and my fabulous, funny cousin are going to hang out here. It’s an annual festival but I’ve not gone before. I’ll try to leave a few lobsters for other people. Maybe.

So that’s my weekend. Going to disappear in fun  like mist on a sunny day. But that’s the way of it.

A bon temps roule!


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  1. ( in my cowardly lion voice) aww shucks, she thinks I’m fabulous.(ducks head and blushes)

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