my dogs are barking

Not the adorable four-footed lovable ones, the ones connected to my ankles. You know what’s really, really irritating? When your foot is numb and it itches!

My recent nearly six-months long, systemic lupus flare left my left foot two-thirds numb. My autoimmune elves, busy little buggers, stripped the sheaths off the nerves in that foot–malicious little s.o.b.s Bad enough that the foot is numb and itches, it has the nerve to hurt as well, like phantom pain, I guess, but it’s lost the nerve to feel. Touching the top of my left foot is like touching a piece of wood. And to add insult to injury, I got great big bunions. Nope. Not going to show you a picture. It would scare you, the cat, and your grandmother.

Honestly, in that humongous baby assembly line in Heaven, my stork was a bit slow. When the angel was handing out feet, we were in the eye line hoping for a good pair. By the time my stork made it to the foot line, all the cute little feet were gone. Oh–and the eyes, when my turn came, all the pairs that could actually see were gone too. (Born acutely nearsighted.)(SIGH! & SHOOT!)

Okay. Enough bitching and moaning. It’s Friday! Happy Friday! Weekend’s here! Well, soon as 5 p.m. gets here anyway. Tomorrow I’ve got a writers group meeting and I plan to read the new Shadow Walk pages. Oh yeah, almost forgot–finished the nightclub scene yesterday; 1,069 words. Pretty pleased about that. Did I mention it’s Friday?

Happy writing!


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