balky mare

That’s me, like a mare that won’t take the fence. The nightclub scene in Shadow Walk is the fence. I got a good start but now every time I run up to it, I stumble to a stop, prance around, stare at the pasture beyond. What’s the hold-up? It’s only a scene among other scenes. It’s not like I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do. I know the scene from beginning to end yet I’m having trouble writing it. Today will be yet another attempt.

I’m reading Hugh Howey’s I, Zombie, halfway through. I rarely write a review of a book, but I’ve already written a draft review for this one and will post the final review here when I finish the book. It’s an excellent novel, (and since zombies are not my favorite supernatural creatures–that’s saying something.) I do not recommend it for those with sensitive minds (not that I don’t have a sensitive mind, mind you), squeamish stomachs, and over-active imaginations. More to come. Right now, I got a fence to jump.