Didn’t work on Shadow Walk this morning but it’s on my mind. Friday evening I storyboarded the beat sheet to get a view of the narrative flow. Discovered I’m going to have to take the time to set-up Ally better.

Sunday made terrific progress with outlining the Deal/Torrance short story, a murder mystery set in an isolated tavern on the outskirts of a mining town in an alternate American West period, post-Civil War. I wanted it to be more steampunk but it’ll only have touches, like the dirigible. Outlined it nearly to the concluding third act, will do beat sheets from what I’ve got, and I hope the resolution comes along.

Saw The Bourne Legacy Sunday. Jeremy Renner gives a fine performance; the franchise’s main character is in good hands. Renner is one of my favorite actors, glad he got the part. I’ve never read the Ludlum books, despite my love affair with espionage stories, but I love the Bourne movies. Renner’s character is Aaron Cross, a new generation of chemically-enhanced black ops assassin. The movie is fast-paced, so much so that I was surprised when it ended. Oh by the way, there’s a continuity slip in this movie. If you saw the second Bourne film where the journalist is killed, and if you see The Bourne Legacy, the scene where the journalist is killed, you’ll spot it right away too.

Hot, hot, hot in Southern California. Took long enough! September will be warm too–I love a warm September. Don’t look forward to the shorter days and the early darkness come winter and the time change. Ugh!

Happily received my first royalty from sales of Grave Shadows. That put a smile on my face through the weekend!

Happy writing!