carrying water in a sieve


In the Black Forest (Rhine River Cruise)

Last weekend I took the Save the Cat Screenwriting Beat Sheet Workshop; it was terrific! I got a better understanding of story structure, refined my ideas,  and now have a good base from which to develop Shadow Walk, both the screenplay and the novel. Jose Silerio was a great teacher, enthusiastic and inspiring, and an accomplished screenwriter himself. We worked hard through the weekend. I was up until 2 a.m. Sunday morning completing my beat sheet for Shadow Walk (took me back to my college days). When writing a novel, I tend to get lost in the forest of narrative, and plotting for me is like carrying water in a sieve. A screenplay requires  tighter focus; you have to visualize. One reason why the movie doesn’t always match the novel is if it can’t be seen; it can’t be filmed. The beat sheet workshop helped me rough out the wheels of the plot, and forced me to focus on developing a tight structure.

For the novel I’ve got more leeway, but I still have to shape and sharpen, and I already know the novel’s story structure will be different from the screenplay’s. Same cats, different fur.

It’s slightly muggy today–warm air, dim pasty blue  sky–but the weekend’s here at last! Friday, Friday, omg it’s Friday! Writing Saturday tomorrow! I’ve been at work this week on the screenplay and the novel. Hope tomorrow is productive. Happy writing!