Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany

Not too much to say; settling into summer. This past weekend was hellaciously busy, me running here and there like a panicked mouse, but I managed to take a walk and catch some of the sunny afternoon. And the writing…right now it’s story development for a western steampunk as well as for Shadow Walk, which is shaping up nicely–‘though no words on paper yet.

Took this photo of a Romanesque-style church during an afternoon walk from the Helvetia  into Rudesheim through a lovely park that was a serene oasis of trees and flowering bushes. I’m fascinated by church architecture, ‘though not at all religious. Medieval churches are such striking testaments to the art of building. A children’s playground was appended to one end containing large climbable pieces–a giant spider or bug of some sort  (I think) with a hole in the middle and others in the style of modern art sculptures.

We were on our way to the Drosselgasse, a narrow, single street stuffed with shops.  The Drosselgasse is a popular attraction in Rudesheim along with Rudesheim Coffee, a delightful coffee spiked with Asbach Uralt–a German brandy–topped with a cupola of whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate shavings and  served in a cream and pink  hourglass shaped porcelain cup. Yep. I’ve got the recipe and the cup along with its matching saucer.

Happy writing, d:)