ice slick

Perseus and Andromeda, Charles Napier Kennedy

Now that the weather is changing, shape-shifting toward summer, the sky lately hasn’t been the color of bleached out jeans showing only a suggestion of blue, but Nature changes her mind daily. I’m working on three fictions:  A Lamentation of Swans, Lake of the Rose, and The Blood Imperium (a vampire historical).  My mind’s an ice slick, thoughts slipping and sliding about, pratfalling into nothing. But I think I’ve come up with the next movement in the novel I’m still calling A Lamentation of Swans, although I was considering a new title, I think I’ll keep this one. Got back Janet’s comments on the five chapters I’d sent her. They were good, constructive, made me realize Chapter One is an invitation to the dance not the entire performance. Perhaps the idea of this book is larger than my ability to write it, but persistence will see me through.

I’ve got another I’ve started, only written Chapter 1 so far: The Serene Widow, a Regency. I’d like to outline this one so I’m letting it sit a bit.