almost out of the woods

Almost out of the lupus woods, but not quite–legs won’t work right, but I’m in much better shape than three months ago–nowhere near as sick. Saturday was a busy day, despite my reluctant legs. Attended my writer’s group meeting and read the first ten pages of 2011’s NANO manuscript; good comments and Lake of the Rose is alive again. Went to an archaeological lecture at the Bowers Museum–intriguing details about mummies like thousands of years ago, before McDonald’s, one of the diseases killing ancient Egyptians was artherosclerosis. Archaeologists use these great big CAT scanners to show the disease in the mummies. Amazing.

But the highlight of Saturday for me  was Warriors, Tombs and Temples also at the Bowers Museum. Finally was able to walk the exhibit. I was a bit disappointed though–expected more stone warriors but what was on show was fabulous.

The writing plan for March:

  • New book: Regency novel, The Serene Widow. Writing Chapter 1.
  • Revise the next ten pages of Lake of the Rose.

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  1. Sorry you have not been well and I hope you recover soon. Nice to see another posting by you. I always enjoy seeing museum exhibits!

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