levi “sugarhips” young

So let’s talk about my current feline roommate, Levi. This is him… I got this handsome fellow from the local shelter about 7 years ago. He’s a beauty, isn’t he? Yeah, handsome and dumb as a box of hair. That tennis ball size brain of his only has room for one thought or maybe half a thought at a time. Let’s say every 15 seconds. That’s the length of his attention span. Although he’s pretty good at looking smart, I know there isn’t a thing going on between those ears, except whether or not he ought to bite me and whether or not it’s dinner time.

Levi tends to express affection violently. When I first got him, I spent a week nursing various lacerations, bites and puncture wounds–the scars were starting to add up. It took a whole lot of “NO BITING”! shrieked at him before he remembered DON’T BITE MOM! This doesn’t mean he doesn’t bite me; just that now and then I get a gentle nip as opposed to a new puncture wound.

Of course I’ve spoiled him rotten. His hips have hips–hence, the “sugarhips” in his name. He likes playing string–wiggle a string at him and he near-bout loses his mind–what little there is of it–and he likes making biscuits on me and snagging my ankles.

Yeah he’s an interesting cat.