is it safe?

Sugarplum Tree, Maxfield Parrish

Lately, when leaving the day job to start my long and tedious run down the 405, I’ve noticed the “day” lingering a bit longer in the sky–a welcome sight. The season is already changing and soon I won’t be driving home in the dark.

I do not like the time change; I do not like the winter; I do not like driving home in the dark ’cause all of it makes me shiver! (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

As I mentioned briefly  in an earlier post, I’ve been wrestling with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) that’s the all-encompassing version of lupus, the one that sneaks up on you and beats you mercilessly with all sorts of nastiness inside and out. Not to mention how it attacks the nerves and parts of you run away from home–in my case, my left foot has decided it doesn’t know me anymore; yep, numb as cardboard. A visit to the neurologist is pending.

Serious flaring began in November and from before Thanksgiving until practically now, I’ve been sick as a dog. Don’t know how it is that the dog is the benchmark for awful sickness–guess because a sick dog is a pathetic and  nearly unbearable sight–definitely me for the past few months. So–I think I’m on the road to recovery at last, seeing as I’m actually sitting up and doing stuff, except for the left foot pretending like it belongs to someone else. Moving on…

I do have a writing plan for this year. I’m giving priority to A Lamentation of Swans, but I’ll be working on other fiction too, like Trail of Shadows, which I think will be a novella, or not. And, this week, the plan is to write one page of A Lamentation of Swans a day. Monday night went fine; Tuesday night–goose egg. Hope to make it up today.