Back from the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego; had a fabulous time! Got to meet one of my favorite writers–Cecelia Holland. The panels were lively, particularly the ones moderated by Ellen Kushner and Elizabeth Bear. I loved the panel on mermaids, undines, and sirens, and took pages of notes at the panels on undersea civilizations, airships, and Lovecraft. The conversation between Connie Willis and Neil Gaiman was a kick to listen to. All in all, it was a good con–the best kind!

Met some wonderful people, made new friends! Of course I’ve come home loaded with books, books, and more books, and I gave my wallet an extra kick by bidding on a painting by Todd Lockwood and winning! Intruder now hangs in my living room.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s World Fantasy Award.

I could go on but I must collapse now. Levi has already given me a bite for leaving him alone for 4 days, and tomorrow I’ll be back at the day job thinking longingly of fantasy land.

Oh, before I forget, it’s the eve of Halloween! A perfect time to gift yourself or someone else with some spooky reading–Grave Shadows availableĀ at the Kindle store. Buy, read, review–and thank you so much!


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  1. I had the privilege of introducing Cecilia Holland a couple of years ago at the Surrey Int. Writer’s Conference. And then I got to ask her lots of questions and even had a short email correspondence with her. A very interesting woman and so productive! I saw she was at the San Francisco writer’s conf. last summer and i’d have loved to have attended it. I went to the SIWC this year — paid to go so I could get agent appts. — but couldn’t get anyone I wanted to speak to and was not very satisfied with the ones I did other than getting some tips from one and another was very dismissive. Usually I volunteer there and found that was way more fun!

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