Apple Blossoms, Sir John Everett Millais

Shoot it before it grows.

There appears to be a strange divide going on among Kindle-philes and bibliophiles–some sort of weird prejudice, biblio-bigotry, whatever (not to mention all the moaning and gnashing of teeth about the demise of the book–NOT). I for one shall not be falling into this ridiculous divide. I for one love my Kindle and love my hardback and paperback books and I’m not giving up either one. Admitting to owning a Kindle has people thinking you’re never going to buy another paper book for the rest of your life (and I suppose this will be true for some)–what the hell? Who comes up with these idiotic prejudices?

As a lifelong bibliophile, no way am I going to give up the pleasure, the transcendent pleasure, of the hardback beauty and its softcover cousin, of breathing in freshly-minted pages, falling in love with beautifully illustrated covers, and spending hours with my eyes glued to intriguing typescript while the alluring voice of an invisible narrator pulls me into the imaginary worlds of imaginary people dealing with all sorts of cool realities, hyper-realities,  and surrealities– terrifying, laughter-inducing, mysterious, mind-boggling, hallucinatory, etc. etc. all laid out on crisp, creamy-white pages.

However, my Kindle is handy for books that I’d rather not have taking up space in my book cabinets ’cause that space is reserved for my keeper treasures by my beloved writers and any book I want to have and to hold ’til death do us part–and, umm, that number is ever-growing. But a good book is a good book regardless of packaging, and I can fall into a good story in whatever form it comes. That’s just how I roll.

For all my delight in antique books with color plates, old houses, art, Victorian jewelry, beautiful woods and things made out of beautiful woods, and gorgeous fabrics,  I delight in the shiny technologies of the 21st century. Science fiction was my first love and like somebody somewhere said, the future is here.


2 thoughts on “wait…what?

  1. I can really see the advantage as far as using Kindle to store books but like you I won’t give up the good old hard covers. I don’t own a Kindle and really at this point don’t feel like having one. But there definitely are some practical reasons for them. I’ve especially heard from people who travel how handy they are. So who knows? I might end up succumbing one of these days too. Meanwhile, my to-be-read pile is stacked high!

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