31 days

Autumn Gold, Atkinson Grimshaw

Halloween shuffles toward us. October, the month of falling leaves and spectal winds–a fine time to take a walk on the shivery side. Why not scoot over to Amazon and purchase GraveShadows, my dark fantasy anthology, to welcome the autumnal days with a quartet of delightfully dark tales. And for those of you who’ve already done that–THANK YOU!

Yesterday was lovely, full of sunshine, what I saw of it through the shutters as I was stuck on the couch enduring nausea and headache from some kind of food poisoning. Even my eyeballs ached. So my big plan to work on A Lamentation of Swans tattered away. What a drag. The science fiction channel helped me ride out the waves of nausea–one shadowy, spooky, shrieking B-movie at a time.

Finished reading Supernatural Noir, sixteen tales of noirish fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow, particularly enjoyed The Last Triangle by Jeffrey Ford, The Romance by Elizabeth Bear, Dead Sister by Joe. R. Lansdale, Comfortable In Her Skin, by Lee Thomas–this one pulled a neat magic through its structure–and The Maltese Unicorn by Caitlin R. Kiernan. Also finished reading The Deep Blue Good-By by John D. MacDonald. I plan to re-read all 21 of the Travis McGee series.

All this reading spurs me toward working on the short stories I have in my files. I re-read what I’ve written of Nyrabet and the Swordwoman, really like this story, and reading it again yielded a new scene which I hope to write this week. The clock’s ticking; must get on to this morning’s work. Happy writing, d:)


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  1. Fabulous painting.

    I loved reading Grave Shadows. A great discovery for anyone who enjoys spine-tinglers.

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