coffee, ink, maybe a little blood

The side with the peanut butter on it always falls face down. There’s a hint at my mood today, but enough with the negativity. It’s Tuesday! Looks like it’s going to be a lovely, hot, summery day–too bad I’m stuck inside of 4 pasty white walls, turning hours into $, and hardly enough $ to make up for the soul-draining–oops, I did it again. Third time’s the charm. I’ve hit the proverbial wall with Shadow Walk, about 55 pages in, and even though I’m not chaptering, the story has petered out to a thin, unsteady trickle and left me stranded. Not for long, I hope.

Meanwhile, back in the magic forest, my new story notes on A Lamentation of Swans, are growing and I think I see the light of day. What kind of story am I writing? I know it’s a fantasy; I’ve given it an historical angle, and there’s a mystery. At the heart of A Lamentation of Swans lies a mystery and that mystery is the actual story. I may surround it with all sorts of other intriguing story threads, but the mystery is the heartbeat of the tale. I decided to let go of one character’s particular point of view–the character stays ’cause he’s important–but I’ll keep two other points of view, one  being of course the main character and the other a major supporting player. Narrowing the novel down to those two points of view helps considerably in determining the thrust of the plot.

What’s really a great relief was determining what I could throw out of the old, incomplete manuscript, the dead weight that was unneccesarily complicating the story and burying it in mud. Still have plenty of work to go, but I’m finally picking up the right set of bread crumbs. I don’t want this book to die on the vine.


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  1. Good for you. Keep on going. But don’t hesitate to give yourself a much-needed break now and then – a quiet walk in a park, maybe,

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