Shadow Walk – YA Report #6

Watergate, Jacek Yerka

12,723, Shadow Walk. I’ve been lax in reporting my progress but it’s been going along well, except for a snag or two–empty brain, flat as mud writing, but whose keeping track?Tuesday this week was a goose egg. Still I wrote 1,274 words this week and I’ve got over 50 pages of manuscript now so I can’t complain! Much. Writer’s lunch and meeting with Janet tomorrow, and I think we’re going to see RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES after.  I saw it with my funny, fabulous cousin a week ago and don’t mind seeing it again. It was good. Andy Serkis was fantastic. He plays creatures–real and imagined–extremely well.

Also, A Lamentation of Swans, my on again-off again historical fantasy, is on again. Only on Sundays.


3 thoughts on “Shadow Walk – YA Report #6

  1. Yay for Shadow Walk, and yippee for Swans. Time for a cuppa.
    Love the Yerka too. Never seen that one.

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