stalled and bumbling about

Sere and Yellow, John Grimshaw

Squeezing my brain for a good opening sentence to the Valley of the Shadow of Death scene, I hope I avoid committing these literary felonies… literarylolz

I did not write the day before, I did not write last night, I have not written so far this week, only turned on the computer and taken a peek. Already 4 pages behind on the 12,500 word goal for this month. The brain is as reluctant as a balky horse, really must give it a shove. I know what the next scene is, but I’m dithering, can’t seem to get the words flowing. But as a help, yesterday I wrote out a list of questions for the scene–11 questions to get the word engine running. Looking forward to Writing Saturday with Michelle this weekend ’cause I hope to catch up with my pages.