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Hot fun in the summer time! It was a glorious weekend of sunshine. Humidity in Los Angeles yesterday was high, throwing me back to Louisiana mornings in the summer where the sun-drenched air slapped you silly first thing. I hung out with my cousin, meeting at LACMA to view the Tim Burton exhibit, which was fantabulous! This drawing, one of Tim Burton’s images for the Alice In Wonderland movie, wasn’t in the exhibit, but it’s a prime example of his work. The retrospective was a fascinating and delightful look into the mind of the prince of jabberwocky art. I bought an archival sketch (see below) of his Romeo and Juliet.

I’ve long loved the mix of horror, humor, and whimsy in Burton’s drawings, illustrating themes of alienation and difference as well as redemption and union.

After LACMA, we strolled in the simmering afternoon down Sixth Street to Curson and up toward Wilshire to a scrumptious lunch at The Counter–best chili cheese fries and absolutely best strawberry shake I’ve had in decades!

Topped off the day at Whimsic Alley where I splurged on Severus Snape’s elegant black wand and a sheet of “Volturi” refrigerator stickers from New Moon. (Needed another set to go with the “Twilight” ones.) Derryl bought a wand–I forget which one–and the same set of stickers too–they were on clearance! Really had to get out of that Wand Room before I did serious damage to my bank account.

And when I was back in Long Beach, home again, I actually got a page of work done on Shadow Walk! Will wonders never cease? I was trying to end July with 12,500 words on the novel, but I finished the month with a respectable 8,081. No worries. Moving on.

Oh, almost forgot. Saw Cowboys and Aliens–liked it!


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  1. Yee Haw, we had a great time and I actually want to see Cowboys and Aliens again, but will wait until it hits DVD. It really was a cool weekend, we need more like it!! Next lunch or dinner hang out, we’re going back to The Counter!

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