Shadow Walk YA – Report #5











 Frog Valet, Adrienne Segur

West Coast calls East Coast: “What’s up, dog? We’d like our summer back.”

East Coast replies. 

West Coast: “Whaddaya mean forget about it?”

7,790 words, Shadow Walk. The monthly word goal is 12,500 to finish October 31st, but going to end July 4,000 short–no worries. I’m aiming for 50,000 words so I’ll make it up on the back end. Then, it’ll be time for the November Novel, titled Rain of Pearls. Think it’s going to be a historical fantasy mystery. I know it involves the murder of a powerful woman, a broken friendship, love, betrayal, and an ambitious prince. No idea about heroine or hero right now.

Back to Shadow Walk. Still not chaptering; things go better if I only write in scenes, and I’m not even trying to shape the story either. Scene A may be followed by Scene C; Scene B will come eventually. I’m writing in first person so all I’m really trying for with the first draft is to hear my heroine’s voice. So far, it’s going well.