YA Novel – Friday Report #4

La Petite Maison, Adrienne Segur

4,410, Shadow Walk, 14 pages. Slowly, I’m sidling up to the scene that takes place at The Raven. Writing a new scene need not be complicated, I tell myself, but words can be notoriously stubborn, even if I am the one wielding the pen. This July is rather moody–cool, gray mornings, some sunshine perhaps in the afternoons, rambunctious winds. Not complaining, just observing.

Driving in on the gray reaches of the 110 North, just until I reached the 405 North, my mind wandered down a lonesome path and happened upon sparklies lying in the moss of neglect–the opening sentences to a non-fiction project I have in the queue, far back in the queue. Winding the sentences round the pen tip, I unspooled them into the Moleskine journal, and tabbed the page with a green sticky so I could find them later. Once in a while, the mind pops up with something unexpected.

Friday, here at last. Tomorrow’s my writer’s lunch with Janet, and the whole of the weekend to work on Shadow Walk, and finish reading The Grimm Legacy. Next book to read, A Discovery of Witches.