in the desert, in the heart, in the hollow

Mermaids with Sea-Green Hair, Arthur Rackham, The Wonder Book

A caul-like marine layer has settled over July, gray and oppressive. Once again summer struggles to breathe. Last year Winter wrestled Summer to the ground and sat on her. This year she’s trapped in a caul–temporarily, I hope. Each night when I flee Los Angeles and make it home to Long Beach without raising my blood pressure, I work on Shadow Walk, typing in a scene written during my morning session, adding to a scene, or starting a new scene. I began one last night. I’m uncertain about it, but I’ll soldier on with it. I really do have a reason for writing it, but the words are falling stupidly on the page–still, there’s something there and the reason I can’t see it yet is because my lack of confidence gets in the way.

Something strange has happened to the font size all over my computer; I didn’t do anything, didn’t make any sort of change,  so I don’t know why it’s coming out so tiny.  Since I didn’t do anything to make it change, I don’t know what to do to switch it back to normal, readable size.  Apparently a gremlin has escaped its cage. Annoying. I don’t like it when the computer decides it’s going to be this way instead of that way.

So the writing of Shadow Walk goes on, and even though what I’ve written so far isn’t good, I know I can improve it, and all I’m doing right now is creating the raw material of story. I notice how I’m not paying much attention to my outline, except for the major plot points acting like guideposts along the way. Good enough.

Writing in the first person is new to me, and I struggle not to “I” the story to death yet I want to avoid falling into the narrative twilight zone that arises when the first person voice disappears beneath the words and I realize I’ve lost the thread of Juli’s voice. But for all that, it’s going better than I expected. This tiny print is really annoying me; no response to trying to change the font size either. (HUFF & SIGH!)

July 4th was my birthday. I spent a fun day at my sister’s keeping my rugrat nieces from drowning in the pool. Good thing I didn’t have Michelle’s gift, Polly Schulman’s The Grimm Legacy with me then or I might’ve missed a few panicky splashes. Sorry; I’d link the Amazon page but that not’s working well either. It’s an entrancing and wonderfully written book. If you’re looking for a good book for yourself or any tween you know who likes reading magical stories, I recommend it.

One more day to the weekend! Writer’s lunch with Janet on Saturday; so happy I’m not driving north–this weekend’s the shutdown of the 405 for the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge. Traffic in LA’s streets will be nightmarish, especially since Sepulveda Blvd. will be closed to all but the locals who live in that area, and I expect other freeways will be impacted, although I’ll be eastbound on the 91 so probably won’t run into trouble. They’ll start closing freeway ramps about six on Friday–getting out of the westside is going to be a crush!