things i like, really like, and have lost my mind over

Vampires, solitude, silence, Christian Bale, anything Tanith Lee writes, The Dancers of Arun, sociopaths, Batman Begins, the original Mission Impossible theme, the show Mission Impossible, the original Star Trek, Star Trek (2009), my Mr. Spock doll, Rufus Sewell, Caitlin Kiernan’s writing, 30 Days of NightLord of the Rings, Alien, Aliens, coffee, cherries, Supernatural, Jane Austen, Twilight, B-movie horror films, Dark City, science fiction, colored inks, James Bond, Clark Ashton Smith, Clive Owen, Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Elizabeth George’s Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, Spike, beetles, Idris Elba, Junior (my Toyota Yaris), Daniel Craig, fried chicken, Firefly,  pomegranates, Tim Burton, maps of imaginary places, Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, the Harry Potter books, The Wind-Up Girl, rubies, my bronze veiled Alexandrian dancer, cats, Angry Birds, handmade paper, marbles, antique jewelry, my Star Trek coffee mug, swords, crawfish,  shapeshifters, garlic, Sigourney Weaver, LEXX, ancient Rome, my vampire Tarot deck, the Renaissance, Closer, the Regency period,  Dances with Wolves, cashews, China Mieville, All About Eve, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Bejeweled 2, True Blood, olive oil, Hieronymous Bosch, Shoot ‘Em Up, the Arts & Crafts style, Art Deco too, La Bacchante by Jean-Leon Gerome, Pre-Raphaelite art, ancient history, seafood, gumbo, all kinds of semi-precious gems, lemons, John William Waterhouse, Betty Davis, eucalyptus trees, Maxfield Parrish, fairytales, Star Wars, Drag Me to Hell, Kay Nielsen, Rome, The English Patient (novel), Pride & Prejudice (2006), Fargo … hmm, think I just spammed myself.


6 thoughts on “things i like, really like, and have lost my mind over

  1. Interesting list to say the least. While I’m not familiar with everything you’ve listed, I can say there are a lot of quality things on here. Lovecraft, Tim Burton, the Harry Potter books (I’ve only read the first 4, that’s something I need to remedy fairly soon), Lord of the Rings, some other cool stuff on there as well.

    I’m also just about to start reading The Windup Girl, really looking forward to it.

  2. Yeah! I lost my original copy but hunted online until I found a replacement. I just love the way she writes and the stories she tells. d:)

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