throat music

Cat’s Chorus, Louis Wain

Summer soltice today–certainly doesn’t look like summer this morning, pale sky, tarnished with the leavings of  a reluctant spring, June gloomy as always. Can’t remember the last time June actually meant summer round here.

Thinking about voice, what voice for writing Shadow Walk. Language and voice work together, the words shaping the tone and rhythm, rendering voice. Shadow Walk could be told in the voice of a fairytale, perhaps, a dark fairytale, the words falling into place like notes on a musical scale, and in third person, I think. First person requires a certain familiarity of tone and rhythm that yields personality. You get to know the speaker as if she were talking directly to you.

Finding the right voice sometimes happens immediately, from the first word, the first sentence. Once I’ve got the voice, I’ve got the story. Don’t know if that’ll happen with Shadow Walk. Hope so.