some progress

Almost forgot I’m supposed to mark my progress with the YA book challenge. The weekend was productive. I reviewed my outline, made some changes, found myself trying to get it perfect, and had to remind myself that I don’t need the damn outline to be perfect; I need the narrative to be perfect. The outline is moldable clay, and I certainly did some remolding over the weekend. I think it’s a good outline, though I don’t expect I’ll follow it completely, still it’s a good map through the story. I’m tempted to start writing now, but I’m going to wait until July 1, the day I chose to officially begin the book.


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  1. I think inspiration for writing comes suddenly- like, for some reason, you dream up a scene in your head that should be in the middle or towards the end of your book. When such an inspiration arrives, don’t delay it. Don’t be afraid of writing in the middle and attaching the pieces later!

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