wandering afield

Arnaut Smoking, Jean-Leon Gerome

For all intent and purpose, I’ve finished the outline of Shadow Walk, and although I was thinking of coming up with a new title, a theme presented itself a moment ago that makes the current title real so I’m keeping it. I like when my thoughts wander. It’s in the nether regions that ideas are teased into reality. I’m still holding off beginning the writing, though I could start now, I’ll wait until July 1. There’s still some things percolating in the nether regions.

I’m worried about writing in the first person. It’s not a point of view that suits the way I shape narrative, but a writer should be able to write anything from any perspective and make it work. I was going to insistently write Shadow Walk in 3rd person subjective, but most YA books are in first person–that seems to be the favored point of view, and it works well, bringing the experience of the narrative close as possible to the reader.

Last night’s reading was Conan the Barbarian, the anthology published by Prion (2010). I read Shadows in the Moonlight, Queen of the Black Coast, and The Devil in Iron. I noticed how much expository detail was packed into the dialogue. I enjoyed the stories, but that particular technique wouldn’t go over well, I think, in today’s market. Still, it’s always a pleasure to spend time in the bejeweled palaces and sorcerous ruins of Conan’s world.


2 thoughts on “wandering afield

  1. Congratulations on completing your outline!

    One of my current projects involves my first foray into first person. It’s definitely different! But it opens up new opportunities, new ways of relating ideas and raising questions for the reader. Intriguing, to be sure.

    So cool that you like the classic fantasy stories! They’re fun to read.

    • Oh yeah! One of my favorite summers was when I spent weeks reading Fritz Lieber’s Ffahrd and the Grey Mouser stories and Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carter. And I still mourn my lost copy of Lin Carter’s long out of print book on writing fantasy. Wish I could find a copy again somewhere! d:)

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