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Priestess Offering Poppies, Simeon Solomon

Cool and sunless this morning, outside’s as dull as an old nickel. Having just completed my Spring Forward Writing Workshop 2011: Focus on the Novel, and since I’m trying my hand at a new genre, writing a young adult dark fantasy, I decided to participate in Theodora Goss’s young adult novel challenge, YA Challenge,  and here. I haven’t started the actual writing yet, but during my Workshop, I planned the book, deciding this time I’d do a complete outline before I started the writing. I’m not good at outlining a novel; I’ve always preferred to start writing and follow the story, but I always run into a wall or the story dribbles away so maybe if I gave myself a good map, I’d stop getting lost–so I think.

The YA has a working title, Shadow Walk–stolen from an old story I wrote years ago. The outline isn’t quite finished, but I’m in Act 3 structure-wise and today I hope to work it out completely. So far, I like it. July 1 is my target date to begin the writing.



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  1. Good luck! I know you will do a fabulous job and can do anything you put your mind to!

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