successful failure

So I’ve been busy doing all sorts of stuff–like not quite writing, the zombie run, chasing my thoughts around, watching movies, and mostly ignoring pendrifter, except for a couple short story posts. I’ve been doing much reading and thinking and journal scribbling, planning books, and trying to figure out where I keep going wrong when I start a novel, what always brings me to a stop. Failure is the best teacher.

And last week I completed my Spring Forward 2011 Workshop: Focus on the Novel. During Spring Forward this year I worked on a new version of Shadow Walk, once a woman and child in jeopardy dark fantasy that I began years ago, that I’m re-doing as a young adult dark fantasy. I’ve developed a new story, new characters, only keeping the setting of Santa Loreto. The outline has developed well so far, and I hope to begin the actual writing in July.

I’m using Scrivener–doing all my story notes, plotting and outlining in it. I love the index card feature which allows me to easily move stuff around and make changes before I’ve written a word.

I’ve also got a sword and sorcery novel, tentatively titled King Kaian, in the works. I thought I’d spend more time on it during Spring Forward but I only gave it one day, devoting the rest of the week to Shadow Walk. No rush, no worry. It’ll keep.

Waiting for summer…